Group Classes - Fort Collins, Colorado

Group classes are a great way to learn new skills with your puppy or dog in a fun environment with other dogs and their owners.  We teach out of our Summit Training Room and around town with real-life distractions and adventures. Check out our Sign Up page for class start dates - if you are interested in a class but don't see it listed on the Sign Up page, contact us to let us know you are interested and you'll be the first to know when the next class is added to the schedule!  If you aren't sure where to start with your dog, contact us and we're happy to help point you in the right direction!

Pre-Level 1

Adventure Puppy PlaySchool - For Puppies 8 to 16 weeks - Drop-In - $25/Week

Get your new Adventure Buddy off to a great start!  This Puppy PreSchool is a mixture of confidence building, positive small group play with other puppies of the same age, and a discussion of common puppy raising topics like biting, chewing, potty training, and more!  Perfect for puppies who want to learn while waiting to join our Puppy Basics class at 16 weeks old. This 45-minute class is drop-in style rotating through different topics every week for lots of education and fun! We offer two sections each week (8-12 weeks and 12-16 weeks) for puppies of different ages.  Location: Krisers Natural PetPreregistration is required so that we can plan for the correct number of puppies each week!

Note on PlaySchool: There are certainly inherent risks to bringing puppies out in public areas before they are fully vaccinated, just as there are also risks to limiting socialization during their critical development period (up to three months of age). We try to minimize these risks by utilizing a space like Krisers that is cleaned regularly. We base our early socialization classes on the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s Position Statement on Puppy Socialization. However, we never want to encourage our students to go against the advice or direction of their primary care veterinarian, so evaluating the situation from all sides is important. Since your veterinarian treats physically sick puppies and we work with behavior challenges in dogs often associated with missing early socialization periods, we are coming at this from two different sides of the issue. It’s a tough compromise, and both are very important positions to consider. If you decide to wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks, we'd love to see you in our Level 1 Puppy Basics class.

Adventure Puppy PlaySchool Plus - For Puppies 16 weeks to 6 Months - Drop-In - $25/Week

Socialization & fun for older puppies 16 weeks to 6 months! APP+ is all about confidence building through positive small group play with other puppies of the same age. We also review some basic skills like focus games, practicing what the puppies are learning in their Puppy Basics classes! All pups are welcome but this class is designed as a SUPPLEMENT to our Level 1 Puppy Basics 6-Week class. Class is drop-in style covering different topics each week for lots of education and fun! Preregistration is required so that we can plan for the correct number of puppies each week!

Level 1

PUPPY BASICS - For Puppies 16 weeks to 6 months - 6 Weeks - $195

Get your relationship with your new puppy off to a great start with this foundation class!  This course focuses on teaching your puppy foundation skills such as giving attention to you, offering good behavior, and responding to cues, as well as all of the necessary skills for a lifetime of adventures with you!  All of the class concepts are practiced with games that both you and your puppy will enjoy!  First class is without puppies. 

Good Dog Basics - For Dogs Over 6 months - 6 Weeks - $195

Polish up your relationship with your older puppy or dog with this foundation class!  This course focuses on teaching good behavior in the home and getting ready to get out in the community for your dog. You and your dog will learn specific skills like sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, greeting people and dogs calmly, and more!  All of the lessons will be reinforced with games that both you and your dog will enjoy! This class is ideal for dogs and puppies over 6 months of age that have no prior training class experience and are not reactive or aggressive towards people or dogs.  First class is without dogs.  

Level 2

Prerequisites: Graduation from a Level 1 class.

LOOSE LEASH WALKING: Distractions & Games - 4 Weeks - $155

Do you and your dog need some help with polite leash walking and working around distractions?  This class incorporates basic leash walking skills as well as more advanced exercises to fine-tune your walk with your dog.  The course is great for those looking to improve their teamwork and focus for dog sports, as well as those simply looking for a more enjoyable walk in the park with their dog.  

RECALLS & STAYS: Distractions & Games - 4 Weeks - $155

Solid recall and stay behaviors are essential safety skills for your dog to know, as well as foundational to a lot of fun adventures you and your dog could enjoy together!  This class focuses exclusively on training these two behaviors and practicing them around different distractions.  

Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Manners - 4 Weeks - $155

Take your dog's basic skills to the next level and help him or her become the best brewery buddy ever! This super fun class is taught IN A BREWERY and focuses on all the essential skills for being a great brewery buddy - focus around distractions, sleeping under the table, NOT stealing your beer, and more!  Read about our Brewery Manners prerequisites & foundation skills here.

Nice to Meet You - A Polite Greetings Class - 4 Weeks - $155

This four-week class focuses on the topic of greeting politely. Learn, discuss, and practice alternatives to mayhem greetings in this fun and engaging class! We'll work on polite greetings both for leash walking and door manners.

Level 3

Prerequisites: Graduation from a Level 2 class.

Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog Prep - 4 weeks - $165

Do you want a dog that is a model citizen out and about? Do you have dreams of brightening someone's day with a visit from your well-behaved dog?  The AKC CGC program is the gold standard for good dog behavior, and a stepping stone in therapy dog certification. This course will teach and polish the skills necessary for your dog to pass the CGC evaluation, with advanced applications to prepare for therapy dog work!  Dogs and handlers who are ready have the option to take the evaluation after the last class session.

Adventure Dog - 4 weeks - $165

We all love a good adventure, and it's always better with our dogs by our side!  This class is all about getting out into the real and natural world with our dogs and fine-tuning their skills to these highly distracting environments!  Each week of class is held at a different location around Fort Collins, including (but not limited to!) parks, natural areas, breweries, and hiking trails (budgeting a few extra dollars for any parking fees and/or beer expenditures isn't a bad idea!).  Locations are determined after class registration is closed based on number and skill level of participants.

Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Hop - Drop-In - $35/Class

Building on the skills in Level 2 Brewery Manners, this class explores other breweries and advanced brewery manners skills to continue helping our dogs become the best brewery buddy ever! This class is held in breweries around town - different each class!

Sport & Fun Classes

Prerequisites: Graduation from a Level 1 class.

Canine Parkour - 6 Weeks - $195

Parkour for dogs is a fun sport that encourages you and your dog to get outside and play together, with objects you might find in your natural environment!  The sport combines canine conditioning and the skills of body awareness, balancing, crawling, paw targeting, and more!  This class is open to dogs of all ages who have completed a basic training class or equivalent.    

Rally Obedience - 6 weeks - $195

Rally is a dog sport that requires you and your dog to navigate a course of various exercises that you complete together.  Training for Rally, whether you plan to compete or not, can build communication, teamwork, and a spirit of fun between you and your dog.  It is a great way to strengthen your dog’s basic skills and cue responses while having fun together!  Check out this video to see our Rally-O students in action!

Level 1: Novice - This is the first level, and a great place to start for dogs and their handlers looking to get into Rally competitions or just have fun together!  You and your dog will learn the foundations of the sport as well as the exercises that make up the first level!

Level 2: Advanced - Graduates of our Novice class, or dog & handlers who have earned their Rally Novice title, are ready to move on to Advanced!

Level 3: Excellent - Graduates of our Advanced class, or dogs & handlers who have earned their Rally Advanced title, are ready to move on to Excellent!

Drop-In Practices - This drop-in class is a great opportunity to fine tune your Rally skills in preparation for a trial or just to have some extra fun with your dog!  An instructor will be on-site to facilitate and answer questions, but otherwise this is not an instructional class.  Pre-registration is required so that the instructor can design an appropriate course for all participants!  Tuition is $15 per spot in the rotation for each drop-in.    


Reactive Dog 101 - 6 Weeks - $250

This class is for dogs who bark, growl or lunge when on-leash and in the presence of other dogs. Training is done in a safe, low-stress classroom environment to teach you and your dog the skills to manage and modify your dog's current reaction to the presence of other dogs. Class size is limited to four dogs. The first TWO weeks of class are HUMANS ONLY. These weeks are mandatory to participate in the rest of the classes with your dog.

Reactive Dog 102 - Drop-In - $25/Week

This class is for dogs and humans who have completed Reactive Dog 101 or equivalent private lessons with Summit. These drop-ins will facilitate continued practice in a safe environment for dogs that have already started their training journey.

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