Dear Aspiring Dog Trainer,

I know first hand how hard it can be to determine which path to take to reach your professional goals as a dog trainer.  If you have ever googled "how to become a dog trainer," you probably discovered that there are countless options: go to this academy or get that degree or test for this certification or join this organization.  Where to start?  And what's the best way?

I've been there.  And while I don't claim to have any definite answer on what's the "best way" (if there is such a thing), I have learned a lot from my experiences with academies, degrees, certifications, and organizations, as well as working in various industries such as veterinary medicine, shelter & rescue, and daycare & boarding. I would love to share these experiences with you, at whatever stage of your professional training adventure you are at currently.

Additionally, I believe that as long as there is an abundance of dogs in this world (and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon) there will be a need for more dog trainers that promote dog-friendly and scientifically sound training philosophies. So I embrace a cooperation-not-competition philosophy in my mentorship of aspiring trainers.

Want to adventure with me and talk about dogs and stuff?

- Amber

Topics that have been relevant to our success that we'd love to chat with you about include (but certainly aren't limited to):


  • How to look at the whole dog, not just the behavior problem

  • How dogs communicate with us and each other

  • What training gear we use and why

  • Setting each dog up for success


  • What running a dog training business looks like day-to-day

  • How to charge for your training services

  • Local and national business resources we've found helpful

  • A little branding, website, and SEO insight

  • Insurance, accounting, scheduling softwares - blah!

Training Philosophy & Credentials

  • Current scientific research on dog training

  • Important tenants of positive reinforcement training

  • Programs, certifications, and organizations to explore

  • Good resources in the modern dog training industry


  • How to reach the clients you want to help

  • How to talk with clients about positive reinforcement training

  • How to use positive training for the humans as well as the dogs

  • Good communication skills for troubleshooting cases


1-hour Shadowing Sessions - $50

2-Hour Mentor Session - $130

Come shadow us as we work directly with clients and their dogs in group and private settings.  During the session, you will be able to observe and take notes on the process; afterwards, either right away or via video conferencing in the next few days, we'll chat for 15 minutes to answer any questions you had during the session.



This is a great opportunity to get right to your most pressing questions about anything related to dog training and becoming a dog training professional.  Let us know which topics (from the list above or others) you are most interested in, and we'll plan our one-on-one session to give you the most info on those areas!

If you are local to Colorado, we can either meet over a coffee, beer, or other beverage of choice or go for a hike together as we chat about all things dog training related!  If you are out of the area, we can schedule our meeting on a video conferencing platform like Zoom or FaceTime.  

Complete Mentorship Package

2-Hour Mentor Session + 7 Shadowing Hours for $400 

Mentorship Program Testimonials

I’m learning so much about the teaching/coaching process, and what is possible through one-on-one distance learning. I’m excited to watch Amber in person and learn from her at an upcoming event in Crested Butte. I really love the flexibility in this program and the amount of learning that can happen in just a short time. - Jenni

The SDT mentorship program helped me to refine my clicker training skills and taught me how to effectively and thoughtfully communicate with clients to help them with their dog’s needs. Amber is very passionate about mentoring aspiring trainers and puts in much time and effort to guide students on their way to becoming full-fledged clicker trainers. A year after participating in this mentorship program, I became KPA certified and now work alongside a team of veterinary behaviorists as a behavior consultant. I would not be where I am today without Amber’s guidance! - Beth

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