Hi everyone!  Just a quick note as we are gearing up for the loudest holiday of the year to remind you that more pets are lost around this holiday than any other time of year.  

As you are planning your celebrations, please, please take your dog's comfort and safety into account.  While we love having our dogs with us on all sorts of adventures, unless your dog is truly unaffected by loud noises and vibrations, for this holiday it is best to leave them safely secured inside your home while you go watch the fireworks display.

If you will be leaving your dog when there is a chance that fireworks may be set off in the nearby vicinity, create a safe environment for your dog with the following checklist:

  • Make sure that every door is securely latched and locked
  • Consider leaving a radio or television on at a loud volume to help drown out the firework noise
  • Cover windows with curtains or blankets - if your dog is sensitive to flashing lights, this can really help them feel more comfortable if the neighborhood fireworks display is within view
  • If you anticipate that your dog will be stressed, you can try a homeopathic calming aid like lavender essential oil, Dog Appeasing Pheromone diffuser or spray, or Licks
  • Leave your dog with a food puzzle, like a frozen kong or delicious bone, to occupy them and help relieve stress.  Check out our favorites here.

Or, alternatively, adventure to the mountains with your dog, friends, and family and have an off-the-grid & firework-free holiday!  That's our favorite solution. ;) 

Wishing you and your dogs a fun & SAFE Independence Day!