Active Shelter & Rescue Partners

These rescues are committed to positive training and gentle handling of their foster and shelter dogs.  We love working with them! If you are looking to add a new four-legged member to your family, check them out!

Animal House

Beyond Res

Until They’re Home

Big Bones Canine Rescue

Become a Shelter & Rescue Partner!

How we help our S&R Partners

  • Discounted Private Training - Package of 7 Hours for $245 (67% off) for Current Foster and Shelter Dogs

  • Discounted Group Classes - 50% Off for Current Foster and Shelter Dogs

  • Discounts for Staff & Volunteers - 20% Off All Services for Personal Dogs

  • Discounts for Adopters - 20% off their First Service with Adopted Dog

  • Invites to Fill Classes - When we have an extra spot in a class that didn't fill, we send the word out to our rescue partners to see who might have a dog that could benefit from a FREE class!

  • Website Listing under our Shelter & Rescue Partners Section (Above!)

  • As many free extras as possible! We've been known to do special video recording sessions, do a seminar or staff training, write a new handout or blog post, create completely new classes . . . all because a rescue partner asked!

Note: This Partnership Program is no-purchase-necessary. Even if your rescue organization doesn't have immediate need of paid training assistance, you can still take advantage of the other perks of this program!  You can nominate your organization by filling out the form below, and if we think you are a good partner match then we will get the party started!

How Our S&R Partners Help Us

  • By committing to positive reinforcement training techniques and force-free training tools. We believe that any dog going out into the world will be better off for having encountered positive training along the way. If your rescue or shelter organization doesn't currently have this commitment but would like to move in that direction, we are happy to help with education and solutions to make this happen!

  • By sending referrals our way when applicable. We provide a wide range of services, both in-person and online, and while we understand that we might not be the best option for every dog and family, we'd love to be included in your adoption packets and in your discussions with adopters. We provide all necessary marketing materials for this.

  • By giving us permission to use video and photos of the rescue dogs we work with on social media, in Youtube videos, and handouts. Whenever we can, we try to let our audience know that the dog they are seeing is available for adoption to help get the word out!

Nominate Your Rescue Here!

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