Your Dog. Your Goals. Your Town.

Wherever you are in the world, we want to help you create epic adventures and lots of great memories with your dog. We know you're busy, on-the-go, barely stopping to take a breath. But sometimes a little coaching along the way can make the journey even better!

We bring our dog expertise to you in these one-on-one virtual coaching sessions held online through video conferencing technology. This way you don't have to stop the adventure for very long in order to get personalized help for the challenges or goals you are working on with your best adventure buddy. 

What Online Coaching Can Help With

Online Coaching Features

  • One-on-one attention

  • Customized training plans

  • Flexible schedule & location

  • Handouts & videos to supplement lessons

  • Email support & follow-up

  • Positive, science-based approach to dog training & behavior modification

  • Certified dog trainers who also LOVE adventuring with dogs


Online Coaching Tuition

A La Carte Sessions

Initial Consult (60 Minutes) - $80
Follow Up Coaching (60, 45, or 30 Minutes) - $80, $65, $45


Online Trail Blazer - 3 Hours for $225 (5% savings)

Online Trail Scout - 5 Hours for $360 (10% savings)

Online Trail Master - 7 Hours for $475 (15% savings)

(Package Hours can be applied to Initial Consult + Follow Up Coaching)

Ready For Adventure?

Online Coaching FAQs

  • How do online coaching sessions work?

We schedule our session just like any other appointment, except that we meet virtually in a Zoom Video Conferencing room (or through Apple's FaceTime if that is easier for you). We go in-depth about your goals and challenges with your dog(s), and then we work out a training plan.  Just like our in-person lessons in Colorado, this plan may include multiple components including, but not limited to, Management, Training, Behavior Modification, Enrichment, and Exercise. For follow-up sessions, we discuss progress and further challenges and then move on to the next step of the training plan when you and your dog are ready.

  • How will I understand what to work on between sessions?

For any homework that we want to give you and your dog to work on together, we will discuss this in detail during our session (we're really good about explaining things hands-off - we practice this at our in-person sessions with reactive dog students every day!) and also provide you with any applicable handouts and video links for additional support.

  • What if I have questions between sessions?

Whether we meet once or multiple times, we are always available to answer emailed questions about any of the things you are working on with your dog.

  • Can an online training session really help me achieve my goals with my dog?

Our passion is teaching humans how to teach their dogs - because of this, we practice a mostly hands-off teaching approach even with our in-person clients. We believe that the real, lasting change comes from improving your confidence and know-how in your dog training skills and thus boosting your relationship with your own dog - something that can't always be achieved as easily when handing over the leash to a dog trainer and letting them build that rapport with your dog instead. So while there are certainly a few skills and challenges that may be more difficult to fully master in the online session format (and we have a great referral network of trainers all over the country for those cases!), we are certain that whatever the scenario, we can help you make progress to your goals with your best adventure buddy.

Online Coaching Testimonials

In just a couple of short sessions I have already seen dramatic improvement in my dog’s behavior. We have made progress increasing her interest in eating and in food as a reward. We’re also making steps toward improving her on-leash behavior around cars, and improving my own feelings about cars when my dog is on-leash. - Jenni & Ky

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