Group Classes - Greeley

Group classes are a great way to learn new skills with your puppy or dog in a fun environment with other dogs and their owners.  Our Greeley group classes are taught at Bentley's Pet Stuff in Greeley by SDT Head Trainer Charissa.  For now, we offer our Level 1 classes, Puppy Basics & Family Dog at this location, but if you are in Greeley and interested in seeing a more advanced class offered, please contact us to let us know and you'll be the first to know when the next class is added to the schedule! Check out our Sign Up page for class start dates, and if you aren't sure where to start with your dog, contact us and we're happy to help point you in the right direction!   

Bentley's Pet Stuff
4626 Centerplace Drive, Greeley, Colorado

Level 1 Classes

PUPPY BASICS - for puppies < 6 months old

Get your relationship with your new puppy off to a great start with this foundation class!  This course focuses on teaching your puppy foundation skills such as giving attention to you, offering good behavior, responding to cues, etc. and continues with teaching the basic behaviors necessary for a lifetime of adventures with you such as sit, down, leave it, wait, polite leash walking, and more!  This class is 6 weeks (first class is without puppies) and tuition is $130.

Family Dog - For dogs & Puppies > 6 months old

Polish up your relationship with your older puppy or dog with this foundation class!  This course focuses on teaching good behavior in the home and getting ready to get out in the community for your dog. You and your dog will learn specific skills like sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, greeting people and dogs calmly, and more!  All of the lessons will be reinforced with games that you and your dog will enjoy! This class is ideal for dogs and puppies over 6 months of age that have no prior training class experience.  This class is 6 weeks (first class is without dogs)  and tuition is $130. 

SDT Head Trainer Charissa is also available for private lessons in Greeley!  Contact her today! 

What our Greeley clients are saying!

Thanks, Charissa! The girls are doing great! There are still "moments", but on the whole they are maturing rapidly, and settling down nicely! Linnie has been going to daycare once a week, and they say she's great with the other dogs in her playgroup.  She especially plays with one of the Rottweilers in her group. On those days, Lucy is at home all day by herself . . . and really seems to love having the place to herself. She hasn't gotten into things, and seems to get toys out of her basket, as there's usually a bunch strewn around when I get home. I think having them away from one another is working well for them. Linnie goes to my office with me occasionally . . . she lays on the floor and really stretches out to sleep, which I think must mean she's OK being there. Also, Linnie is really settling down on the jumping up. I can't say it is totally over with, but much diminished.  Probably the biggest thing I notice is that Lucy really SLEEPS...all stretched out and relaxed. I cover each of them with a blanket, and they're out for the night. So, this is quite a journey the three of us are on, and I think it seems like it is going to work out fine! - Nancy G. 

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