Brewery Manners Classes

  • Group dog training classes taught IN A BREWERY and focusing on all the essential skills for being a great brewery buddy!

  • Graduating dogs have the option to take the evaluation to receive their Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog (CBFD) Title!

  • Perks for CBFD dogs (and their humans) are available at all Drink With Your Dog™ Certified Dog-Friendly Breweries!


Earn your Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Titles!

If your dog already has what it takes to be a great brewery buddy, skip the class and submit for your CBFD Title!

  • There are three levels of the Certified Brewery-Friendly Dog Title.

  • You can earn each level by completing an In-Person Evaluation with a DWYD™ Instructor OR by submitting videos of your dog’s skills.

  • Achieving a CBFD title unlocks perks at your favorite Certified Dog-Friendly Brewery!

The CBFD Title Program is launching in June! Check back soon for more details!