Education for Breweries & Their Staff


Our Drink With Your Dog™ education for breweries includes:

  • Training workshop (in-person or online) for your staff members, focusing on the foundations of dog behavior, dog safety, and how to best welcome dogs into your establishment.

  • Designation as a certified Drink With Your Dog™ Dog-Friendly Brewery for establishments that meet the criteria after the workshop.

  • Educational material on good brewery manners for providing to dog owners visiting your establishment.

  • Marketing to our Drink With Your Dog™ Brewery Manners class graduates as a Dog-Friendly Brewery!


Schedule an in-person workshop for your brewery!

Offered in Fort Collins, Colorado
& nearby surrounding areas

Tuition: $500

4-hour workshop
1-hour of customization for dog education material for display in your brewery
1-year Certified Dog-Friendly Brewery certification for brewery participants that meet the requirements.

Online Course Launches June 24th, 2019!

Our Brewery Staff Education program will be launching as an ONLINE COURSE in June to take this education right to your doorstep wherever your brewery is in the world! Be the first to know about it by signing up for our email newsletter (see below) or following us on Facebook!

Preregistration opens on June 11th

Tuition is $30/brewery team member