Blog post by Amber Quann KPA-CTP CPDT-KSA

We all love adventuring with our dogs, right?  And of course, we love showing off all of the hard work that we put into making our dog the best adventure companion ever!  

There are lots of great spots for your dog to be off leash and running free!  The hiking trail, the lake, the wide open field on your friend's farm, etc.  These are great adventures and we definitely indulge in our fair share of them with our dogs!

But there are a lot of places, especially in Fort Collins and Larimer County, where there are leash laws. In those places, the best way to show off your dog's excellent public manners is to keep him on leash - and then demonstrate that you don't need it by keeping a loose leash and positive connection with your dog without any leash tension.  

Here's a little video we put together this weekend demonstrating this:


When we see a dog walking on a loose leash beside their human, we are much more impressed (and inclined to say so!) than if we see even the most well-behaved off-leash dog.  

The best proof that you and your dog don't need a leash is to demonstrate that you are willing to use one out of courtesy to others.